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About Ash Tree FC

Ash Tree FC is a Fifa 19 Pro Clubs team who play in VPGe. We were formed in December 2018 and have achieved absolutely nothing in that time. Welcome to our website where you can find news, highlights and even fulll game uploads. if you want to join the leagues we are in, please look below.

The First Team

The Ash Tree FC first team is the team that competes in VPGe (formerly VFLe) Super Cups and other tournaments. This is the team that takes the game seriously, that is built to win. These players range from VFL veterans to players who are just starting out in the 11s club scene. You can find updates on this team on this website, and search for us on Twitter and simply tweet us if you want a trial @AshTreeFC!

The Reserves

The reserves are the Ash Tree FC veterans, these are the players who just play in the divisions system with the odd VPGe friendly. They do not take the game seriously, they are the mess-around team. 8-0 losses are not uncommon, and occasional tryharding sessions are also accustom. This is the team where you will find Tom Bear (the manager of the VPGe Team), Pom Bear, Sancho and all of the other Ash Tree regulars.